WorkPlace Mentor


Below are frequently asked questions and answers regarding WorkPlace Mentor. If you have further questions, please see our Troubleshooting Guides or contact WorkPlace Mentor Support at

Q: Can I alphabetize the job bank?
A: No. The job bank was designed to be additive - with the most recently added jobs put on the top of the list. It was presumed that the most recently created jobs would be used more than older jobs.

Q: Can I combine my database with the database of another user in my agency?
A: No. Currently there is no merge capability for the WPM database.

Q: What do I need to do before I uninstall my WPM?
A: Back-up your database (where your consumer records are stored) outside of the WorkPlace Mentor folder. This is crucial to retaining your records because the WorkPlace Mentor folder is removed during uninstall. Second, look in the WorkPlace Mentor or Backup folders to see if there are any previously backed up databases there. If there are then copy them to a folder outside of the WorkPlace Mentor folder.

Q: I went to add a new Job Analysis but the employer wasn't showing up in the list of available employers.
A: You need to add the Employer to the database before you can add a job at that employer. Click the Employer button under the heading Add New. Enter the information. Then try to add the job.

Q: How can I edit my reports?
A: Save the report you want to edit to a file by clicking the icon that looks like an envelope with a red arrow. Save the file as a Word for Windows document. You can then open it in Word and edit it there. (Note - some formatting of the report may be lost during this process.)

Q: Where can I get more copies of the Data Collection Forms?
A: On the Main Menu in your WPM software, there is a button labeled "Forms" under the heading "Data Collection". Click this button to access and print these forms directly from your software.

Q: Do I have to complete EVERY item on each form?
A: Gathering all the data will allow you and your customers to make better, more informed decisions.

Q: What type of information should I record in the Observational Data field?
A: Use the Observational Data field to describe events that you saw when observing the job or the consumer (or the consumer AT a job). Do not include any subjective or emotional interpretations. Ex. Joe arrived to work on time every day for a week. vs. Joe loves coming to work.

Q: What do all of these items really mean?
A: The items on the Data Collection forms are written in a very concise manner. However, each item is also well defined in the Item Definition section of the Glossary in your User Guide.

Q: Can I just enter the information onto the Data Collection Forms directly on the screen?
A: No. The data collection forms are meant to be printed and filled in "in the field."

Q: I have several jobs that I analyzed before using WorkPlace Mentor - Do I need to completely reanalyze them?
A: While starting from the beginning that way has its advantages, it is not always feasible. Try taking the information you have already gathered about those jobs and identify where it fits in the WPM Data collection form. You can then return to the job and make any necessary adjustments.

Q: Does WPM automatically store or overwrite entries? If they review and change the O&S does it keep a "baseline?"
A: No. Once you create the record, it is in the system with a time/date stamp. If you alter the data within this O&S record, the data that was there previously will just be gone (much like if you edit the text in a Word document – the text that was previously there is just gone). If you are observing a person over a period of time and want to identify changes over time, you should create a SECOND O&S record (or third, depending on how many times you observe the person). You can then compare these records to identify changes between the “baseline” O&S and the “secondary” O&S. You just need to look at the time/date stamp to differentiate between the two records.

Q: If I am analyzing a job that has two significantly different types of activities (i.e., stocking shelves and janitorial work), how do I go about rating the functional demands? Each demand would be rated differently depending upon the aspect of the job.
A: You may want to analyze this as two separate jobs due to the differences. The requirements for each aspect are likely to be very different.